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I have been in this industry over 15 years working fulltime from my home.   I have been associated with over 30 different companies over the years so I know what's out there.   Shaklee has the absolute best toxic free products and they work!   For your life to change you're going to have to make some changes!   Let us show you the way to financial freedom!

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We switched where we buy everyday products and now use better products that are safe!

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Cancer rates are at an all time high, do you know why?   I along with many others believe it's the daily products we use as the toxins in them build up over the years and kill us!   Big Corporations have been killing people for years and not one top CEO has ever been charged with a crime only fined money!   If you're open to facts and the truth not BS let's talk, your eyes will be opened as mine were!

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