Melaleuca Financial Freedom By Supporting A Company That Supports You!

Melaleuca Has Over 450 Fantastic Products We Support Companies That Support Our Family.

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It all starts with buying the products because you like them better than your store brands
And you want to support a company that will support your family.

Melaleuca We Changed Where We Buy Not What We Buy

Financial Freedom Is Something Anyone Can Have If They Think Outside The Box
We Change Where We Buy A Few Of Our Everyday Products
We Share The Concept With Others To Create Income

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Melaleuca Where Average People Create Extra Income!

Let's get one thing straight Melaleuca is a "Direct Sales Company" where Melaleuca the manufacturer sells directly to the customer which we all are.   Melaleuca is not a typical MLM which most people hate for good reason!   I tried many MLM's and learned the hard lessons of why 98% fail to make a dime, they are simply money game pyramid schemes where 98% of the money flows to the top of the pyramid!

Melaleuca on the other hand makes sense and they pay me for every customer I refer to purchase their products!   I buy 35 points in products monthly that's about $60 in products I was buying at my local store. I refer others that want to create extra income and use good products that's it.   Common sense business without the MLM money game pyramid.   Melaleuca PAYS me for all my efforts from day one I don't have to reach some magical level to get paid on my customers and I don't have to buy crazy miracle products or overpriced products to support some pyramid money game!

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