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This Is A Crowd Funding Platform Of People Helping People!

20 Years I Have Waited For A Program
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WasZupp Is That Program!

What Is Your Fund Raising Donations Going To Be For?

  • Pay Off All Of Your Debt?
  • Maybe A New Home For Your Family?
  • Fund Your Kids College Fund?
  • Buy a Car, Truck Or SUV You've Always Wanted?
  • How About Funding Your Retirement Account?

  • I Am Only Placing People Who Can Recognize An Opportunity Now
    Can You Get 3 People Who Will Donate $35 One Time To Receive Donations Yourself?

    This Will Open To The Public August 31, 2017

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    Why join the WasZupp Financial Freedom Team?  Because our #1 goal is to help each of our members get 3 people willing to make a one time donation of $35.  This is what will make me successful and YOU successful.  I have online/offline systems to grow our crowdfunding program worldwide and we teach YOU how!   We are a team that works together for the benefit of all.  Getting 3 & helping those 3 do the same is the key to success here!


    Waszupp Crowdfunding Global Directors

    I Work This Program Fulltime And Help Others Do The Same! It's A Win/Win

    Let me address the issue of negative information on the internet.  I learned years ago to do my own homework and never take into account anything I find on the internet!   It's filled with people that have their own agenda and usually know NOTHING about what they're reporting on. I know some of the people involved in launching WasZupp Crowdfunding and believe in their integrity much more than I believe some internet ding dong hiding behind their computer.  My advice if you think it's a scam run don't risk your big $35 one time cost go put it in the slot machine at your local casino!  For me the risk is worth the possible gain and as I said I did my homework!

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