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Liposomal Technology

Liposomes are bilayer (double-layer), liquid-filled bubbles made from phospholipids. Over 50 years ago, researchers discovered that these spheres could be filled with nutrients and used to protect and deliver these agents into the body and even into specific cells of the body.
The bilayer structure of liposomes is nearly identical to the bilayer construction of the cell membranes that surround each of the cells in the human body. This occurs because of the unique composition of phospholipids. The phosphate (source of "phospho" in phospholipid) head of phospholipids is hydrophilic - it loves water - whereas the fatty-acid tails (lipids) are hydrophobic - they hate water.
When phospholipids find themselves in a water-based solution, the hydrophobic tails quickly move to distance themselves from the liquid just like oil separates from vinegar. So, as all the tails turn inward and all the heads turn toward the liquid, they form a double-layered membrane.
Phospholipid diagram of phospholipid Representation of a phospholipid molecule showing phosphate head (blue) and the fatty acid tails (yellow) Liposome
Split liposome showing vitamin C encapsulation This diagram of a liposome cutaway shows how the tails of phospholipids turn inward to form a bilayer membrane, and encapsulate a nutrient

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Our research scientists have cracked the code of mitochondrial dysfunction. They have invented a revolutionary system that delivers synergistically blended safe and natural nutrients deep within the cell to the mitochondria, the body's natural energy generator. Restoring the mitochondria returns youthful energy and function.

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